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Sailing Croatia: A Brief Wining and Dining Guide

By Jenny Wilson
on  December 10, 2014

Croatia is famous for many things, but the food and drink traditions of the country are often sadly underappreciated. There are, in fact, some wonderful food and drink experiences to be enjoyed in Croatia, and some of the most crucial are as follows:

Traditional Dishes
While sailing Croatia’s many coastal towns and islands, you will encounter a wide range of restaurants offering traditional Croatian cuisine. This unique and frequently underrated style of cooking should definitely be sampled while you are in the area – whether that’s in a fine restaurant or a charming little eatery.

Fresh Seafood
One thing that unites seaside towns the world over is an abundance of delicious seafood dishes. Seaside towns have the best access to the freshest and highest-quality fish, and this often means unique local variants of national cooking styles which are designed to make use of this asset. Make sure you take advantage of this yourself by trying some freshly-prepared fish dishes over the course of your visit.

Croatia doesn’t have the international reputation for wine production that it deserves. The country is home to some wonderful vineyards with a distinctive wine tradition, producing some delicious and high-quality drinks. Consider enjoying a wine tasting experience on the charming island of Korcula and experience the pleasures of the local wines for yourself.

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