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Sailing Croatia: Where to Find What

By Jenny Wilson
on  December 15, 2014

Croatia has many different attractions that make it a wonderful place for a sailing holiday. However, each place you will visit while sailing Croatia has its own features, strengths and unique charms. This means the places you choose will depend on what you are looking for. Here are some of the key attractions, and information on where they can best be found:

Several of the places you are likely to visit while sailing Croatia will be home to an excellent nightlife scene. However, Hvar is undoubtedly the star. One of the top party destinations in Europe, Hvar offers a lively and varied nightlife scene with something for everyone.

History and Culture
Undoubtedly, the best place for lovers of history and culture is Dubrovnik. With its unique architecture, long history and character that still draws heavily on the medieval period it is like a giant time capsule.

Natural Beauty
One of the advantages of a sailing holiday is the fact that the glistening sea and beautiful Mediterranean coast are ever-present. Leaving this aside, however, the scenic star of your holiday will surely be Mljed National Park – home to beautiful salt lakes and majestic pine forests.

There is plenty of delicious food in Croatia – no matter where you go. Narrowing it down to a single destination is extremely difficult and based largely on individual judgement. Rather than a place, it is perhaps best to name a type of establishment. A konoba, once a gathering place for fishermen, is always a great place to taste fresh seafood in a lovely harbour setting and will undoubtedly make for some culinary highlights.

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