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Sailing in Greece: A Quick Guide to the Essentials

By Jenny Wilson
on  December 17, 2014

Sailing in Greece is an absolutely fantastic way to spend a holiday. But to best enjoy your Greek sailing holiday , it pays to have a bit of advance knowledge. A few useful things to consider are:

What to Bring
One of the main essentials is obviously sun lotion. While protection from the sun is essential for any Greek odyssey, it is even more important on a sailing holiday. The water acts like a huge reflector, sending some rays of sunlight that originally missed you back for another try. Other useful things to pack include a range of clothing types, camera and multiple towels.

There is a strong chance that you will want to check out the nightlife scene at some point while sailing in Greece. Many different parts of Greece will give you a great opportunity to do so, and each local nightlife scene has its own unique character. Athens, for example, has the variety you would expect from a major capital city, while Spetses offers the party atmosphere both in clubs and on the beaches.

Aside from sailing itself, there are many activities you can enjoy while in Greece. History-lovers will find no shortage of historic sites – ancient buildings and ruins are everywhere. Alternatively, thrill-seekers can enjoy lively water sports, or you could even combine adrenaline with your interest in history by exploring the ruined Temple of Aphaia on a quad bike. Alternatively, simply enjoy a dip in the waters or scuba dive to admire the undersea scenery.

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