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Sailing in Greece: The Best Things to Do in Athens

By Jenny Wilson
on  March 27, 2015

Athens is the capital of Greece and the place where you will start and end your sailing holiday. As a lively, unique city with a distinctive character, if offers some wonderful activities that you will not find in quite the same form anywhere else on Earth. Some things you simply must do while in Athens include the following.

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Grab a Coffee
Sometimes the simple pleasures are the best, and in Athens grabbing a coffee becomes a prime example. There are lots of charming and exceedingly pleasant little cafes that will serve you a very good cup of coffee or a nice light lunch. What really makes the experience special, though, is the chance to sit in a little bubble of calm while you watch the city rush breathlessly by.

See the Acropolis
One cannot really visit Greece without going to see some part of the country’s spectacular and world-famous history. Athens is home to one of the greatest highlights of all and one of the world’s leading heritage sites: the Acropolis. This citadel is, in turn, home to the Parthenon – one of the most famous and spectacular temples in the world.

Museums and Art Galleries
More of the history of Greece can be experienced in the many museums of Athens. There is more than pure history on display, though, as Athens is also home to some wonderful galleries displaying ancient and modern artworks. A particular highlight is the small but utterly fascinating Museum of Cycladic Art.

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