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Sailing in Turkey: The Highlights of Fethiye

By Jenny Wilson
on  March 30, 2015

Despite its bustling, lively atmosphere, Fethiye is not one of the biggest places in Turkey. It is, however, deservedly popular with tourists and one of the best locations you will encounter on your Turkish sailing adventure. Some of the key highlights that Fethiye has to offer include the following.

Markets and Bazaars
Fethiye is home to some wonderful markets and bazaars. The bustling crowd, the chance to buy all sorts of wonderful goods and the fun of good-natured haggling make these an unmissable attraction. The markets are also great places to go when you get hungry. The fish market has some of the finest seafood you are ever likely to taste.

Traditional Turkish Baths
The streets of Fethiye are dotted by charming hammams – traditional Turkish baths. As with the bazaars, this is a key cultural experience to try out while you are sailing the Turkish coast, and one of Fethiye’s unmissable attractions. The contrast between the busy bazaars and the peaceful, refreshing pampering of the hammams, however, could not be greater.

History Galore
Fethiye is built on a site with a glorious heritage. Once it was where the most important of the ancient Lycian cities – Telmossos – towered over the landscape around it. The modern town is filled with relics and historic places to remind the people about this glorious past, including a spectacular fifth-century Hellenistic theatre.

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