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Sailing Turkey’s Coast: A Brief Dining Guide

By Jenny Wilson
on  December 01, 2014

Turkey is home to many wonderful things, including a fascinating culture that blends Europe with Asia and a beautiful coast. For those who spend their holiday sailing Turkey  also has a dazzling array of beautiful scenery and idyllic beaches. However, one thing you should not overlook is the delicious range of cuisine on offer. A few things you should seriously consider treating your taste buds to during your visit include:

Turkey-Holiday-Yacht-Getaways-Local Cuisine
Grab a Kebab
A traditional Turkish kebab is an entirely different experience from the takeaways you get in little shops on the corners of British streets. Although barely healthier, they are even more delicious and boast a much higher level of quality. If you don’t have at least one during your visit your stomach will feel cheated.

A Traditional Taverna
Obviously traditional Turkish cuisine does not stop at the kebab. There are a wide range of delicately flavoured dishes on offer. In many of the towns you are likely to visit on a sailing holiday, you will find equally traditional Turkish tavernas. These serve a variety of such dishes, well-prepared by expert hands, in a wonderful and charming setting.

Fresh Seafood
The thing about sailing is that you get to visit a lot of coastal towns, and coastal towns are usually the best places to find seafood. Long local cooking traditions combined with easy access to the best and freshest ingredients makes for some of the finest fish dishes you are ever likely to wrap your mouth around. Try enjoying some fresh seafood in one of the traditional tavernas, or in the bustling fish market of Fethiye.

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