Hidden Gems

Sailing Turkey’s Coast: A Guide to Adventurous Activities

By Jenny Wilson
on  January 02, 2015

Many wonderful things await those who decide to spend their holiday sailing Turkey’s best destinations. Nightlife, beaches, wonderful scenery and historical sites can all be found in abundance. Those who like to take an adventurous approach to their holiday will find there is no shortage of activities and pursuits.

Paragliding is a wonderful and exciting way to soar above the ground and to admire the view for miles around – all while adrenalin pumps through your body by the gallon. Turkey’s Oludeniz Beach has a well-deserved reputation as one of the best paragliding destinations in Europe. Take advantage of this and find out for yourself what it is like to glide through the skies.

Explore Ancient Tombs
The epitome of adventure is surely wandering around tombs constructed in the cloudy, lost aeons of the ancient past. In Turkey, you have the opportunity to do exactly that among the Lycian Tombs, dating back thousands of years. These rock tombs were cut into the sides of cliffs by the immense efforts of ancient humans, and although the need to preserve this fascinating site prevents tourists from getting too close it is still a wonderful place to discover in a fantastically historic setting.

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