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See beautiful Butterfly Valley with Turkey sailing holidays

By Jenny Wilson
on  March 14, 2016

Turkey’s varied landscape is packed with glorious beaches, stunning mountain ranges and breathtaking rock formations. The Turquoise Coast is particularly rich in natural beauty, with many idyllic coves and bays waiting to be discovered. One of the loveliest natural wonders can be found just a short distance from the popular port of Oludeniz and is a delightful excursion on Turkey sailing holidays.

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Butterfly Valley, also known as Kelebekler Vadisi, is a picturesque canyon that is home to thousands of beautiful butterflies. It was declared a nature reserve in 1995 and it is only possible to reach it by boat. Trips here can be arranged from Oludeniz via a water taxi, with the boat taking you past the majestic mountains until you reach the beach at the mouth of the canyon. Here you are surrounded by the rugged canyon walls and lush vegetation that form a most astonishing habitat for the many different species of butterflies and moths that can be found along the coast.

The best time to visit if you want to see the famous tiger butterflies is early June; however, there will still be colonies to see until late October provided the weather is not too cold. The very best views can be found by following the trail to the waterfalls, although the climb may be a little challenging for some.

The real attraction of this place is that it is, quite simply, all about the natural beauty. People come here to walk, to take photos of the stunning flora and fauna, or to simply relax in the tranquil surroundings. The waters around the beach are ideal for swimming or scuba diving and there are a few shacks offering refreshments. You can visit for a few hours or even camp overnight on the beach.

Butterfly Valley is managed by a local organisation to preserve the unique atmosphere and ensure that this little spot of paradise is carefully preserved for future generations to enjoy.

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