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See the paradise of Patara with Turkey sailing holidays

By Jenny Wilson
on  January 30, 2016

If you want to combine a trip to a stunning beach with the opportunity to explore one of Turkey’s most fascinating archaeological sites, a trip to Patara is a must. Turkey sailing holidays to the port of Kalkan will give you access to this gorgeous part of the Turquoise Coast.

Turkish sailing tours - Beach visits

Just 11 miles west of Kalkan lies one of the most unspoilt beaches you could hope to find. Although Patara beach is just 50 metres wide, it is an incredible 12 miles long; therefore, even in the height of the tourist season, there are no crowds. The area is protected by a preservation order, thanks to ancient ruins nearby, meaning that this part of Turkey is free from the large-capacity hotels that can be found in busier resorts; in addition, industrial development is not permitted.

The swimming here is fabulous and you might be lucky enough to glimpse some of the turtles that have made the beach their nesting site. This makes Patara beach the perfect escape from the crowds and the ideal spot in which to soak up some sun in total peace and quiet.

A little way inland can be found the ancient ruins of Patara, which are also well worth a visit. One of the most stunning sights is the remains of a Roman amphitheatre, which has been excavated as part of the ongoing preservation work. The necropolis, a series of ancient baths, a triumphal gate and several tombs are among the other highlights, with new discoveries being made here all the time.

Explore some of the Turquoise Coast’s history before relaxing on possibly the best beach on offer with Turkey sailing holidays.

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