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See The Splendour Around Fethiye With Turkey Sailing

By Yacht Getaways Team
on  March 08, 2017

The busy port of Fethiye is one you are likely to visit on your Turkey sailing break. The town is packed full of fascinating markets, where you can pick up a bargain, and some great restaurants. Fethiye also make an ideal hub from which to explore the many attractions of this region. Situated on the site of the ancient city of Telmessos, Fethiye has a rich archaeological legacy that can be seen in and around the town.

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Although much of Fethiye was destroyed by an earthquake in 1957, miraculously you can still see some remains from Lycian times. Part of an amphitheatre, designed to accommodate around 6,000 spectators, gives a unique insight into ancient life here in addition to offering great views. The Lycians were known for their rock-cut tombs carved directly into the sides of cliff faces towering above their cities. There are lots to look out for here, the most famous of which is the impressive Tomb of Amyntas.

The area surrounding Fethiye is also well furnished with sites of significance to visit. Letoon and Xanthos are the largest, with Xanthos being the capital of ancient Lycia. Remains of a temple, agora, amphitheatre and city gate can be seen here. Letoon was a religious sanctuary and visitors can admire the well-preserved mosaic temple floor. There are two further sites, which are less busy with tourists but well worth a look. Pinara is notable for its vast number of cliff tombs, which were a remarkable feat of structural engineering, while Tlos has a splendid array of remains that are still in excellent condition.

The area in and around Fethiye is packed with well-preserved remains and offers a fabulous insight into ancient Lycian life.

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