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See the stunning yayla with yacht rental in Turkey

By Jenny Wilson
on  October 28, 2016

Turkey is a land of spectacular contrasts, featuring both sophisticated cities and wild landscapes. One of the most stunning terrains can be found in the south and is definitely worth making the effort to explore when you holiday with yacht rental in Turkey.

Exploring the Turkish countryside - Natural sights to see

A yayla is a patch of highland used by Turkish nomadic tribes to graze their animals and set up camp during the summer months. There are many all over the country, but one of the loveliest can be found a short distance from Fethiye. There are plenty of animals to see, with goats, sheep, camels and horses all making the most of the tasty grazing plants. You may be lucky enough to see storks or herons circling the hills as you take in the memorable views over the Xanthos Valley.

The yayla is the perfect place to spend the day if you want to escape the summer heat, with some of the nearby mountains capped with snow even in the warmest months. Wander through the scented pine forests or simply enjoy a picnic in this most breathtaking of surroundings. Just a short jeep ride away from the coast, you can escape the hustle and bustle and enjoy blissful tranquillity with nothing but the gentle sound of the bees among the shrubs to disturb the peace.

Visiting Turkey with friends and family - Getting out and about

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