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See the world from a different view with Turkey sailing holidays

By Jenny Wilson
on  July 10, 2016

Going on holiday is a chance not only to see new places but to try new experiences. Turkey sailing holidays offer the perfect opportunity to try a whole host of new activities from paddle boarding to scuba diving.

Sailing holidays in Turkey - Staying active

One of the most popular pursuits for those seeking high-octane thrills is paragliding, and the Turkish town of Oludeniz is one of the world’s premier destinations for this adrenaline-packed hobby. Oludeniz is a busy port favoured by holidaymakers who come for the great beaches, variety of activities on offer and the spectacular scenery. Paragliding here combines both of these last two, with the stunning Babadag Mountain providing a dramatic backdrop to your experience.

The take-off point here is one of the highest commercially available, at an impressive 6550 feet. A tandem jump with a fully-trained professional is a safe way to enjoy the breathtaking views that this descent offers. Once you take off, you will usually spend around 30 to 45 minutes in the air, depending on the air currents on that particular day. Landing is a breeze too – simply step down once your instructor has landed.

There’s nothing to beat the incredible feeling of turning and gliding through the air but if there are others in your group who don’t feel up to the challenge, they can watch from the landing area and be on hand to take some spectacular pictures of your adventure.

Sailing in Turkey - Making the most of your holiday

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