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Seven Facts About The Aeolian Islands

By Yacht Getaways Team
on  June 14, 2017

It’s no secret that the Aeolian Islands are one of our favourite places in the world and here’s a little glimpse into why.

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They’re UNESCO Protected

A designated UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2000, the Aeolian Islands earned their status by providing an incredible record of the ability for volcanic activity to both build and destroy islands.

Observe Continuing Volcanic Activity

Stromboli’s volcano consistently produces minor eruptions and, as this activity is often visible for miles around, the island is often referred to as the lighthouse of the Mediterranean.

They’re Named After Aeolus, Demigod of the Winds

In Homer’s Odyssey, Odysseus visited Aeolus who, after providing them with food and shelter, gave them the gift of a westerly wind to ensure their safe journey back to Ithaca.

The Landscape is Breathtaking

Volcanic activity has resulted in incredibly fertile soil and so, as a result, a variety of wild plants, flowers and fragrant fruit trees grow freely across the landscape. Locally grown produce is used in the creation of award-winning wine, olive oil, and ultra-fresh dishes adorning the menus of every restaurant and eatery.

The Underwater World is also Stunning

The Tyrrhenian Sea is brimming with colour and life, which is why we always provide plenty of opportunities to swim and snorkel on your yacht getaway. The shimmering turquoise waters are so inviting, you’ll want to spend as much time as possible immersed in this natural wonderland.

Unspoilt Beauty

We often embark on holidays to get away from everyday life, and the Aeolian Islands provide the ideal opportunity to switch off and take things easy amid the tranquil and unspoilt landscape.

Enjoy Island Life on your Yacht Getaway

Treat yourself to a volcanic mud treatment, lounge on white sandy beaches, soak in stunning panoramic views of surrounding islands and sweeping seascapes from the top of volcanoes, and visit ancient sites, learning more about the culture and lifestyles of the people who have inhabited these islands for centuries.

The perfect combination of tranquillity and activity, you’ll feel thoroughly relaxed but never bored on your Yacht Getaways Aeolian adventure.

Blue Greek island seas to explore - Clear waters to the horizon and beyond

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