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Sightseeing Checklist When Sailing Croatia’s Islands

By Jenny Wilson
on  November 12, 2014

The many unique, beautiful islands with distinct characters and attractions make Croatia a wonderful place to spend a sailing holiday. There are many wonderful sights to see on the islands of Croatia, and some of them truly should not be missed by anyone who spends a holiday sailing Croatia ‘s islands.

The Blue Cave
The Blue Cave, also known as the Blue Grotto, is one of the most beautiful natural sights in Croatia. It is located just off the island of Vis and is a beautiful sea cave. It is filled with water and roofed with beautiful, intricate ancient rock formations. The whole thing is lit up with a soft blue light, completing the cave’s picture of incredible beauty.

The Vineyards of Korcula
Croatia is not a country most people associate with wine, but the country has its own unique winemaking traditions and creates some very fine wines. The island of Korcula is home to a number of vineyards. These are wonderfully scenic, and play host to a truly fascinating winemaking process. A wine tour is a great way to discover the charms of these vineyards.

Mljet National Park
Bordering two salt water lakes and containing some of Croatia’s most breathtaking scenery, the national park on Mljet Island is definitely worth a visit. A very large park covering the whole north-western portion of the island, it houses some stunning natural sites as well as a wonderful former monastery, now a restaurant, nestled on an island on one of the lakes.


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