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Six Breathtakingly Beautiful Views You’ll Experience On Your Caribbean Sailing Holiday

By Yacht Getaways Team
on  October 04, 2017

Home to some of the most beautiful and unspoilt landscapes in the world, here are just a few of the stunning views you’ll experience on your Caribbean sailing getaway.

Reasons to visit the Caribbean - Sailing holidays that will leave you speechless

Half Moon Bay

As well as the perfectly curved and widely regarded picturesque white sandy beach, Half Moon Bay also offers some of the most incredible snorkelling opportunities, and you might even find the view beneath the waves to be even more spectacular than the one above.

Barbuda’s 11 Mile Beach

Stepping foot on to Barbuda’s 11 Mile Beach and seeing this inimitable stretch of shoreline fade into the distance as far as the eye can see is one of those truly breath taking life experiences you’ll never forget. Lined with tropical trees and the soft splashes of sparkling waves, it’s a bit like stepping into a dream, only better because it’s real!

Explore Great Bird Island on your Sailing Getaway

Walking through the island’s lush forest land, admiring the many species of animals and unique colonies of birds that call this part of the world home and soaking in the vibrant sunset over the ocean from the shoreline after another dreamy day in the Caribbean – all memories that will last a lifetime.

English Harbour

Nelson’s 16th century naval station and Fort Berkley indicate the island’s rich and complex history. The lush greenery of Shirley Heights and the surrounding area serenely juxtaposes the harbour’s sparkling waters, and the beautiful white sands of Galleon Beach are sublimely tempting, providing a little glimpse into the depth and variety of the sights, activities, landscapes and experiences ahead on your island getaway itinerary.

Swimming with Stingrays on Green Island

This privately-owned island is a dreamy destination in its own right, made even more special by providing the opportunity to swim with some of the ocean’s most placid creatures. Seeing these elegant creatures gliding effortlessly through the sparkling turquoise waters is a sight to behold, a reminder of just how lucky we are to call this incredible and very precious planet ours home.

Sailing the Caribbean - Swim with sea life

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