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Snorkel the magical Blue Cave with Turkey sailing holidays

By Jenny Wilson
on  October 12, 2016

Turkey sailing holidays are the ideal break for anyone who enjoys getting out and about near the sea. Not only are there plenty of magnificent beaches but also a whole host of exciting water sports to try, including paddle boarding, surfing and snorkelling. One of the things that makes this part of the world so special for beach lovers is the stunning natural beauty of the region, with few places more magical to explore than the breathtaking Blue Cave.

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Just a short boat ride away from Kas and Kalkan, the Blue Cave of Meis is one of Turkey’s most famous natural wonders. The entrance is so low that you will almost certainly need to duck your head to the bottom of the boat, but once inside you will see just why this cave attracts so many visitors. The small amount of sunlight that enters the cave through this tiny aperture makes not just the water but also the entire interior appear the most magical shade of blue. The water can be fairly cold but it is definitely worth getting out of the boat and putting on your snorkel to explore this enchanting seascape for yourself.

Peaceful, tranquil and utterly spectacular, the Blue Cave is not to be missed.

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