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Start Croatia Sailing Holidays In Lovely Split

By Jenny Wilson
on  January 18, 2017

Split is one of the most spectacular destinations in Croatia and makes a fabulous introduction to this charming country. It is the perfect location to bookend Croatia sailing holidays, so be sure to leave enough time to take in the city.

Summer sailing in sunny Croatia - Visit towns and islands on your floating hotel

There are two main reasons why Split attracts so many visitors. The first of these is the spectacular scenery, including the breathtaking mountainous backdrop, the blue seas and the gorgeous beaches. The second is the majestic architecture encased within the city walls. The most remarkable building in the city is undoubtedly Diocletian’s Palace, built by the Roman emperor as a retirement home. It is in amazing condition for such an old structure and visitors can’t help but be impressed by the rich level of detail throughout.

One of Split’s most delightful quirks is that many of the city’s businesses and homes are located within the palace walls; therefore, you can experience the town from a truly unique perspective. There are also many other impressive buildings to admire here, including the stunning Cathedral of St Domnius.

Split is also a great place to enjoy a few hours of the famous Croatian sunshine. There are several beaches, the most popular of which is Bacvice. The safe waters around the shallow bay make this a firm favourite with bathers of all ages. If sunbathing and swimming and not for you, this beach is also a vibrant hub of activity, with plenty of bars and restaurants to enjoy.

Sun, sea and scenery – Split truly is an Adriatic gem.

Croatia sailing bliss - Sun, sea and sweet summer breezes

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