Hidden Gems

Stunning undiscovered gems when you sail in Turkey

By Jenny Wilson
on  July 21, 2015

The various holiday destinations along Turkey’s coast are popular all year round with visitors, but when you sail in Turkey you have a unique opportunity to stop off at some of the less crowded spots and see more of the real undiscovered country. If you are sailing between Kalkan and Gocek, make sure to drop anchor at Gemiler.
Turkish sailing holidays - discover beautiful sights
Also known as St Nicholas Island or the Island of Boats, this small but perfectly-formed anchorage is situated just off the Lycian coast. The most spectacular feature here is the mass of interesting archaeological sites to explore, with the spectacular buildings visible even from the sea. Wander the Byzantine ruins of several different churches dating from between the fourth and sixth centuries AD. One of these churches was cut directly from the rock at the highest point of the island and can be reached by making your way along a thousand-foot long processional walkway. The island is also home to over 50 Christian tombs.

The island’s rich archaeological significance is due to its location on the route of Christian pilgrimages to the Holy Land. It is also believed to have been the original location of the tomb of St Nicholas, the Bishop of nearby Myra and latterly known as Father Christmas. Once you have spent a pleasant afternoon exploring these stunning treasures, make sure to climb to the peak of the island to enjoy the awe-inspiring sunset here.

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