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Sumptuous cuisine with sailing holidays in Turkey

By Jenny Wilson
on  December 21, 2015

With so many different cultural influences, it is no surprise that Turkish food is among the most varied and delicious in the world. Sailing holidays in Turkey offer a great opportunity to try this unique cuisine that combines the best of east and west.

Turkish sailing trips - Try local food

Mezze is to Turkey what tapas is to Spain. A selection of different dishes that can be put together to make a starter or a larger meal, mezze is best enjoyed in a meyhane, which is traditional Turkish taverna. In addition to lots of different fresh salads, a mezze spread will usually contain cooked vegetable dishes such as broad beans or gently spiced aubergines. Also commonly served are fresh fish, grilled meats and kofta, which is a type of meatball. Enjoy this feast of hot and cold dishes with bread and some delicious yoghurt dressing.

If you want to grab a quick bite while you are out and about, Turkey offers some delicious and unusual snacks. A borek is a small pastry filled with cheese, which can be eaten hot or cold, while a simit is a type of large thin bagel often covered in sesame seeds. Kebabs at home may have something of a dubious reputation, but here they are a favourite meal for locals and tourists alike. Enjoy thin strips of meat served in fresh warm bread with plenty of salad and sauce for a delicious doner kebab.

Combining some of the tastiest elements from around the world, Turkish food is sure to become your new favourite.

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