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4 Simple Tips To Help You Take The Best Travel Photographs In The Italian Islands

By Jenny Wilson
on  September 28, 2018

Whether you have a passion for photography or are simply keen to capture the best moments of your Italian island yacht getaway, keep these 4 tips in mind when you’re reaching for your camera and have a finger hovering over that shutter button.

Sailing the Italian islands - How to take incredible photos

Take Your Time

Sometimes the best photographs are simple snapshots taken in the right place at the right time. Most of the time, however, getting a little snap happy will result in the accumulation of hundreds of almost identical images of the same scene that you will have to meticulously review when you return home from your travels.

Taking your time to compose your photographs will often result in more aesthetically pleasing images, and experimenting with different angles and techniques will help you to capture a series of photographs worthy of being framed and displayed.

One for The Early Risers

The scenery at sunrise is always worth waking early to capture. Free from crowds and distracting hustle and bustle, you’ll be able to wander at your leisure with your camera to locate the best angles. The soft golden glow of the light at sunrise is also unbeatable. As soon as the sun starts to peek over the horizon, time almost slows and you get to experience the unique sense of wonder that makes being alive so incredible.

Maximise Those Beautiful Vantage Points on your Yacht Getaway

Whether you’re immersed in village life or becoming at one with your untouched natural surroundings, there’ll always be several standout vantage points that offer the most incredible views. From elegant rooftop restaurants to rugged cliffs, there’s no shortage of marvellous vantage points in the effortlessly beautiful Italian islands.

Get Candid

Carefully composing your photographs can be exceptionally satisfying, but we also recommend embracing candid snapshots too. Snap a few candid pictures of you and your loved ones clambering into wetsuits before a diving excursion or enjoying a picnic during a clifftop walk. These are the moments that matter and that you aren’t going to want to forget.

Sailing getaways in Italy - Photos that will bring your holiday to life again

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