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The Best Times of Year for Greece Sailing Holidays

By Jenny Wilson
on  November 14, 2014

Of the many kinds of holiday you can take in Greece sailing holidays are certainly among the best. However, many people are unsure if there’s a best time to book their sailing holiday in Greece. The prime sailing season runs from May to September, but even within this season your choice of sailing date can noticeably change your holiday experience.

Temperatures are hottest in the core summer months, so if you want to bask in the full force of the sunshine you should travel in July or August. August is the very hottest month, although it usually benefits from a nice cooling breeze and the sea is always on hand to help bring your temperature down. On the other hand, if you want weather that is beautifully warm without being too oppressively hot, try travelling in the spring or in September.

Nightlife and Crowds
Some people like the bustle of a busy holiday destination, while others like to dodge the crowds and enjoy a break when things are a little bit quieter. The crowds are at their thickest in the July/August timeframe of peak temperatures, and this is when you should travel if nightlife is important to you. The crowds set Greece’s nightlife scene abuzz. If you are of the school that prefers a slightly quieter time, then spring is probably a better bet.

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