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The Most Incredible Views In The Italian Islands

By Yacht Getaways Team
on  June 30, 2017

One of our favourite parts about an Italian sailing getaway are the stunning views of the beautifully unspoilt landscapes of the picturesque Italian Aeolian Islands.

Italian islands in the evening - Views to take your breath away

The Incredible Sunsets and Spectacular Lava Fireworks on Stromboli

The volcanic activity that can be seen frequently on Stromboli is famous across Europe. The hike to the very top isn’t easy, but as soon as you get there and take a look at your unforgettable surroundings you won’t regret a single second of the effort it took to make it up. As the sun begins to set on another beautiful Mediterranean day, the spectacular oranges and rich pinks sweeping across the sky are enhanced by bursts of red hot lava, cascading down like fireworks.

The Expansive Wildflower Meadows and Fragrant Fruit Trees on Salina

Take in wide reaching meadows full of beautifully coloured wildflowers, extensive vineyards whose grapes are used in the production of Malvasia, a pleasantly sweet wine that’s famous for miles around, and the spectacular blanket of verdant plant life that makes this island so special. Sailing Holiday

The Sweeping Seascape from the Top of Vulcano’s Smouldering Volcanic Landscape

See the steam rising from volcanic hot springs and imagine how your dip into one of the healing mud baths below will feel later in the afternoon, before casting your eyes to the horizon and taking in the stunning panoramic seascape in front of you.

Admire the View Below Your Yacht on Your Sailing Getaway

As important as it is to take every opportunity to soak in the incredible Italian landscapes that have stood unspoilt for centuries, don’t forget to look beneath the waves. There’s a whole other incredible world waiting to be explored beneath your yacht. The hidden coves of Panarea are ideal for swimming and snorkelling, with stunning rocky shorelines and warm sea springs to admire.

Where Sparkling Turquoise Waters Meet Black Volcanic Sand Beaches

We love a white sandy beach as much as everyone else, but the black volcanic sand beaches of Vulcano have a special charm about them that we just can’t resist.

Swimming in warm Italian waters - Island experiences like no other

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