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The Most Peaceful Locations In The Aeolian Islands

By Jenny Wilson
on  May 21, 2017

You’ll find the pristine natural surroundings of this breathtakingly beautiful archipelago almost unbelievably calming, leaving you feeling thoroughly relaxed and rejuvenated as soon as your sailing getaway begins.

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The Mud Baths of Vulcano

Aside from being home to a consistently smoking crater which emits a pungent sulphuric odour, Vulcano is famous for its relaxing hot springs and calming mud baths. Contrasting sharply with the island’s volcanic activity, the rest of the island is supremely tranquil, with long stretches of aromatic greenery and serene birdsong.

Stroll the Floral Lined Ancient Paths on Filicudi

Pleasantly remote, the burst of brightly coloured wildflowers ensures this beautiful island sings as soon as you step off your boat. The wild, untamed natural beauty will charm and delight, with fruit and olive trees dotted throughout the landscape. The coastline is equally as breath-taking, with uninterrupted views and magnificent sea grottos and coves to explore.

Sample Locally Produced Wine on Salina on Your Sailing Getaway

Peppered with natural woodlands and grape vines, the vibe on Salina is instantly calming and utterly serene. Enjoy a glass of Malvasia with your evening meal, made from ultra-fresh ingredients, as you watch the sun set across the shimmering ocean. Blissful!

Snorkel in the Crystal-Clear Waters Around Stromboli

An island home to Europe’s most active volcano may not sound like a peaceful location, however the regular bursts of lava highlight the relaxing atmosphere of the island’s spectacular secluded beaches. You’ll be amazed at just how clear the waters are and how many glorious species of brightly coloured sea life you’ll see beneath the waves.

Experience True Peace and Quiet in One of Panarea’s Secluded Coves

One of the smallest Aeolian Islands, Panarea is simply exquisite. Luring billionaire yacht owners from around the world, Panarea is both exclusive and inclusive, with the unique enchanting atmosphere maintaining a welcoming air of unbridled elegance. Enjoy a tranquil evening on the coast, watching the sun set before admiring the spectacular volcano of Stromboli spraying luminescent magma across a rich blue sky, scattered with millions of tiny diamond-like stars.

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