Hidden Gems

The Thrill-Seekers Guide to Croatia Sailing Holidays

By Jenny Wilson
on  December 26, 2014

Croatia has a lot to offer on a sailing holiday, from wonderful beaches and warm ocean waters to vibrant nightlife and delicious food. While Croatia sailing holidays are a great chance to relax and unwind, there are also some exciting and adrenalin-boosting things you can try. For those who want to get a thrill out of their holiday, some key activities to consider include:

Explore the Pines by Bike
The scenic Mljet National Park is home to a beautiful pine forest that looks like it is straight out of a fantasy novel. If you like discovery and adventure, this is a fantastic place to explore and see what wonderful natural sights you can discover. For added excitement and fun, explore it on off-road wheels, yet still under your own power, by climbing onto a bike.

Salt Lake Kayaking
The pine forests are not the only thing that the wonderful Mljet National Park has to offer the adventurous. The salt lakes of the park are just as scenic – and equally ready for excitement and adventure. Get into a kayak and take to the waters to explore the lakes and the largest coral reef in the Mediterranean.

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