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Things to Bring for Croatia Sailing Holidays

By Jenny Wilson
on  December 24, 2014

Croatia sailing holidays  are always a wonderful experience. The beautiful weather, scenic coastline, excellent beaches and shining sea are enough to delight anyone. However, as with any holiday, proper packing is essential if you want to have the best experience. Essential things to bring along include:

A Camera
Croatia is a wonderful country. The ever-beautiful coastline and places like Mljet National Park will be a feast for your eyes – and they will also be a feast for your camera lens. Whether you bring a professional-quality DSLR or just a decent smartphone camera, you will definitely get some memorable shots. Just make sure you don’t let water spoil your gadget.

A Range of Clothes
Most of the clothes you pack should be designed for the hot weather that defines Croatia’s Mediterranean coast during the summer. However, there is no place on Earth that can guarantee good weather 100% of the time. Bring a couple of warmer layers and some lightweight waterproofs, just in case.

Local Essentials
A few “local essentials” – things specific to the destination – should also be brought along. For example, you should bring along spending money in the form of kuna – Croatia’s currency. You may also wish to bring a phrasebook if you want to make some basic queries understood, but make sure you check the pronunciation as well as the actual spelling.

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