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Things to Bring on a Sailing Holiday

By Jenny Wilson
on  November 05, 2014

Sailing holidays  are a truly wonderful experience. However, as with any holiday, in order to get the most out of the experience it is best to ensure nothing gets left behind in the packing process. From the more-or-less essential to the nice-to-have, there are a number of things you should think about bringing on a sailing holiday – besides the obvious things such as documents and spending money, of course.


Suitable Clothing
There are several kinds of clothing you should bring on a sailing holiday. For a start, you will want some sensible shoes with good grip on the soles for the time you spend on deck, although many people are happy barefoot or in flip-flops. It is also advisable to pack some light wind-and-waterproof clothing as well. However, it would be a shame to spend so much time on the water without ever taking a dip, so swimwear is just as essential. You will also need casual clothes for the time you spend on land, and if you plan on checking out the local nightlife scene make sure you can dress for the occasion.


Bits and Bobs
Some favourite toiletries and (with on-board fridges provided) some of your choice snacks and drinks are very nice things to have with you. You should also bring multiple towels for showering, swimming and sunbathing. Most rooms have iPod-compatible stereos so bring your favourite music, along with an adapter for European electricity sockets. It is probably best to pack in a soft backpack or bag, as compact as possible, to make it easy to stow away onboard.

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