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Things to do while in Greece Sailing

By Jenny Wilson
on  October 15, 2014

When you are enjoying the warm Mediterranean seas off the coast of Greece, it can be easy to think you don’t want to do much except relax and enjoy the sea air and sunshine. But if you don’t take the opportunity to enjoy some of the unique experiences that Greece sailing has to offer you will really be missing out.


See the Sights
As the ancient seat of European civilisation and intellectualism, Greece is home to some spectacular historical sites. While you are there, you should take the chance to see ancient buildings such as the stunning and world-famous Acropolis in the ancient capital Athens, and the Temple of Aphaia which the adventurous can explore by quad bike.

Taste the Food
Greek food is delicious, and if you don’t take the opportunity to try some authentic traditional dishes your stomach will be poorer for it. In particular, the Saronic Islands are a great place to find some of the best seafood you are ever likely to taste. Head into a traditional tavern to make your dining experience complete and authentic


Enjoy the Water
Sailing is already a great way to enjoy the water, but the clean sapphire Mediterranean waters around Greece have a lot more to offer. At the very least, you should consider snorkelling so you can get a good look at the stunning undersea landscape. If you are feeling adventurous, you may want to try other activities such as waterskiing, wakeboarding and paragliding as well.

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