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Try a unique spa experience when you sail Turkey

By Jenny Wilson
on  May 15, 2015

Your perfect holiday night be a combination of exciting activities and fun with friends or family. But when you sail Turkey there is one indulgent relaxation treat you should definitely make the time to try. A traditional Turkish bath, or hamam, will leave you feeling rejuvenated and refreshed, ready to enjoy the rest of your break.
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Having an idea of what to expect will make your hamam experience more enjoyable. Males and females bathe separately, so most hamams offer different opening times for men and women or have two sections in use. They are usually open from around six in the morning until midnight.

On entering the hamam you will be given a cloth pestemal to wear once you have changed out of your clothes. You will then be escorted to the hararet, or hot room, to relax and gently sweat for approximately 15 minutes. The tradition of steam bathing has been around for centuries and one of the things that makes Turkish hamams so special is that usually the buildings are incredibly beautiful. While you are relaxing, take some time to appreciate the intricate mosaics and marble, and spectacular Byzantine architecture. The hot room usually has a domed ceiling and a central stone above the heat source where clients can lay to receive massages.

Once you have warmed up, a masseuse will give you a good swarm soapy wash. This may then be followed by an intensive massage. The attendant will then scrub you with a kese, a rough knitted cloth. Even if you bathe regularly, don’t be alarmed at how much dirt seems to come off! You will then be washed again, before being rinsed with bracing cold water.

You can then move to the cool room, or sogukluk, to relax with a refreshing cool drink or cup of apple tea before getting dressed. Most towns in this region have a hamam, so stop off in Fethiye when you sail Turkey and give it a try.

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