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Try Turkey sailing… and you will never look back

By Jenny Wilson
on  July 18, 2014

Love going to Turkey? Well, you are not the only one. Every year, thousands of holidaymakers visit the country, many of them returning over and over again to enjoy the sunshine, the shopping, the nightlife and the sightseeing.

Turkey Yachting - Holidays You Wont Forget

But if you fancy looking at Turkey in a new light then it is time to try Turkey sailing… and once you have tried it, dry land suddenly will not seem so attractive! You can plot your route around the coastline – or better yet, hire a skipper along with your boat and ask them to do all the navigation for you.

You can see things you would never experience on a traditional package holiday, exploring tucked-away beaches, little fishing villages, mountain walks and snorkelling and scuba diving. Your boat will be your home, and you can return to this haven to relax and recuperate, perhaps before heading out for the evening.

Sunset Sailing - Yacht Getaways In Turkey

There is plenty of nightlife to be found along the Turkish coast, and you can enjoy dinner in a local restaurant before sampling some of the local drinks and evening entertainment. Love Turkey? Then you will love Turkey sailing.

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