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Turkey Sailing: Kas and Environs

By Jenny Wilson
on  June 16, 2014

The gorgeous harbour town of Kas is located in a picturesque coastal location, with a stunning backdrop provided by the Taurus Mountains. A labyrinth of pretty cobbled streets winds around the town, and these are packed with a selection of traditionally Turkish shops that converge on a lovely central market place.

Kas translates from Turkish to English as eyebrow   – so called because of the way the natural bay elegantly curves around. The town dates from ancient times – and this is evident from the wealth of ruins that are dotted around – including the impressive sarcophagus at the top of town, and the eerie rock tombs that dominate the cliff side.


The harbour side is an ideal place to sit and nurse a tall cocktail or glass of crisp white wine while watching the world go by. As night falls, the narrow streets become populated by those looking for a relaxed night out in one of the many bars and restaurants. The sunsets here have to be seen to be believed; it is hard to think of a finer view anywhere in Turkey.

Nearby Patara beach is home to both dolphins and turtles, so keep your eyes peeled and you may well see one or both of these fascinating creatures. Snorkelling enthusiasts will be entranced by the many wonders there are to explore in the famous Blue Cave.

With its fantastic friendly atmosphere, cultural treasures and amazing location, Kas and the surrounding coasts are stunning places to stop off and soak up some proper Turkish culture while sampling some of the great sporting activities on offer. This is a part of Turkey that offers something for everyone who chooses to take part in an unforgettable Turkey sailing holiday.

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