Hidden Gems

Turkey sailing secrets on the Turquoise Coast

By Jenny Wilson
on  October 28, 2015

The beautiful Turquoise Coast may be better known for its beaches and dramatic coastline, but for the adventurous there is so much more to see.

Sights to see while sailing Turkey - undiscovered gems

The ghost town of Kayakoy

The history is Turkey is marred with conflict and political upheaval. During the 1920s a Greek community inhabited the village of Kayakoy; however, after succession by the Turks, the inhabitants decided it was better to leave. This is what you will see today ‒ a perfectly abandoned settlement. Visitors can wander around the empty streets and inside the houses, much as you would in Pompeii. Visit the churches and fountains that once made up this busy world and afterwards wander down to Cold Water Bay for a dip to cool off.

The submerged city of Simena

This might be an even eerier sight to experience. Off the island of Kekova lies the sunken city of Simena, which slipped into the sea during an earthquake around 300AD. Some of the ruins, such as a staircase, still protrude from the water but most remain under the surface; however, the crystal-clear water makes them easily recognisable. We recommend hiring a kayak and taking your snorkelling equipment for a really good look. This is a sight you won’t forget and no Turkey sailing trip would be complete without it.

The origin of the word Chimaera

According to Greek mythology, the Chimera was a fire-breathing monstrosity to be found in Lycia. It occurs again and again in the ancient stories and a trip to Olympos might suggest why. The spectacle in these parts is referred to as a Chimaera and is the natural phenomena of underground gas rising through the earth and igniting. This is not guaranteed, but Olympos is also known for its ancient, overgrown ruins and sarcophagi. Even if you miss the Chimaera, it is still well worth a visit.

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