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Uncover the charms of Patara with Turkey sailing holidays

By Jenny Wilson
on  June 13, 2016

One of the highlights of Turkey sailing holidays is the chance to explore the Lycian Way, a route along the coast that takes in many famous ancient sites. One of the most spectacular is Patara, which lies near the port town of Kalkan.

See Turkey's sights - History in the making

Excavations here did not begin until the 1980s but archaeological groups carry out more work every summer to uncover and preserve the remains. Less well known than the ruins at Xanthos, the site was probably more significant under Roman rule but was later abandoned, hence its reduced reputation; however, there is still plenty to see here over the extensive ruins. Storehouses, a fortification, council house, triumphal gates, walls and a colonnaded main street are impressive sights.

The preserved remains of the Roman amphitheatre are well worth a look and provide an interesting insight into ancient life. There are also the remains of traditional Ronan bathhouses and various cemeteries scattered about the site. Visitors can admire the characteristic Roman engineering ingenuity by walking along and over the aqueduct, which ran for several miles to carry fresh water from the nearby mountains.

Once you have enjoyed a wander around this fascinating site, relax on Patara beach. Over 10 miles long, its sandy shores are always quiet and there is ample room for sunbathing in peace and tranquillity.

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