Hidden Gems

Underwater exploration with luxury yacht rental in Turkey

By Jenny Wilson
on  October 21, 2015

Luxury yacht rental enables travellers to visit some of the most beautiful sites of the Turquoise Coast. There are a wealth of stunning coastal attractions, some of which are best explored on foot and some of which are perfect opportunities to visit by boat or even to snorkel around.

Turkish luxury yacht sailing activities - underwater exploration
Kekova Island is the site of a fascinating half-submerged Lycian city. These breathtaking structures are best viewed from a boat, giving a unique perspective on this unusual phenomenon. Diving among the ruins is not permitted in order to protect them from damage or theft. However, a little further up the beach are plenty of opportunities to swim and other sunken remains that can be explored with a snorkel.

Kas is widely regarded as one of the region’s activity hubs, offering everything from paragliding to canyoning. The water here is lovely and not only is there plenty of snorkelling but ample opportunities to learn to scuba dive.

One of the real highlights here is the famous Blue Cave. Hidden behind the tiniest of gaps in the cliff, you can either enter by boat, where you may well have to lie flat to get in, or by swimming, if the tide is favourable. Inside you will see that the sunlight shining onto the water turns the entire grotto the most astonishing shade of electric blue. Swim in the warm water and enjoy the magical atmosphere of this most spectacular natural wonder.

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