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Unmissable Things To Do During Your Time In Italy

By Jenny Wilson
on  December 17, 2017

The Italian islands are bursting with beauty and are poised to surprise and delight every visitor that arrives at their shores. Although we don’t want to give away too many of their secrets, here is a small selection of unmissable opportunities you can look forward to enjoying on your yacht getaway.

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Explore Panarea’s Luxurious Promenade and Beautiful Boutiques

Whether you’re shopping for a special souvenir or a unique gift for someone back at home, you are certain to find something perfect in one of Panarea’s beautiful boutiques. An evening stroll along the promenade is the perfect post-dinner activity, securing you an ideal vantage point to enjoy the spectacular sunset.

Sample Salina’s Celebrated Sweet Wine During your Yacht Getaway

Tasting local produce is easily one of the very best parts of every holiday and no trip to Salina would be complete without sampling a glass of sweet wine. Best served alongside a delicious dinner full of fresh Italian flavours, we recommend settling in at one of Salina’s ocean-side eateries just before sunset to ensure your island experience is extra sweet.

Admire the Pristine Sea Grottos of Isola Filicudi

The serene ambience and untamed natural beauty of Isola Filicudi make this isolated island one of our absolute favourite retreats. Setting off on one the stunningly picturesque walking paths will reveal the true majesty of Isola Filicudi’s rugged coastline and unspoilt secluded sea grottos.

Feel Stromboli’s Volcano Rumbling Beneath Your Feet

The hike to the top of Stromboli’s active volcano is hugely rewarding for several reasons. Not only will you be able to soak in the incredible panoramic views from the top, but you will also get to experience what it’s like to feel the power of mother nature gently rumble underfoot.

Experience Vulcano’s Volcanic Landscape

Famous for its stretches of volcanic beaches and therapeutic mud baths, Vulcano’s lunar landscape is simply unforgettable. The island’s muted colour palette enhances the rich blue of the ocean so beautifully, you will struggle to tear yourself away from the spectacular panoramic views of this intensely atmospheric island.

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