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Useful Tips for Yacht Rentals in Turkey

By Jenny Wilson
on  March 09, 2015

Turkey is a wonderful place to visit, and yacht rentals are among the best ways to experience the full range of charms that the country has to offer. However, Turkey is also a unique and interesting culture. While this makes it a fascinating place to experience, there are a few things you should bear in mind while visiting.

Talking to People
When talking to the locals, it is important to bear a few things in mind about their customs and culture. Non-verbal communication methods such as gestures are much more prevalent in Turkey than in most countries. Some gestures you may be familiar with are also used differently, so be careful about nodding and shaking your head to say “yes” or “no”. “Yes” can indeed be said by nodding (usually just a single nod), but shaking your head does not mean “no”. Instead, it could be taken to mean “I don’t understand”, so you may accidentally invite somebody to keep explaining.

Turkey is a country that favours fairly conservative modes of dress, so bear this in mind when choosing outfits. Beachwear is absolutely fine on the beach and the boat and is likely to be worn a lot of the time over the course of your sailing holiday. However, when heading away from the beach and inland, it is best to wear a little more. Many tourists don’t, often because they are simply unaware of the fact that the Turkish would prefer it otherwise, but it will generally be appreciated if you respect this aspect of Turkish culture. When visiting religious sites, conservative clothing is a must, and women are also expected to keep their hair covered with a headscarf.

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