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Visit ancient Tlos whilst sailing in Turkey

By Jenny Wilson
on  February 05, 2016

The Turquoise Coast is packed with remnants of ancient Lycian civilisation in a variety of sites. Sailing in Turkey presents the opportunity to visit some of the famous locations, but there is one hidden gem that although not especially well known is certainly more than worth the trip.

Visiting Turkey - Ancient sights to see

The ruins of Tlos can be found a little way outside the bustling resort of Fethiye. Part of the reason the site is so special is that there is a real array of remains to explore. This city was one of the oldest and biggest of the Lycian empire, and visitors can admire what is left of an amphitheatre, public baths and some of the ancient walls. Later civilisations also built here, with Roman and Byzantine architectural influences evident.

To really appreciate the size and scale of the remains, climb to the ruined fortress and Lycian tombs at the top of the hill. From here the views are amazing and there is a real sense of the majesty of the place. Apart from all the spectacular remains, there is one more aspect to Tlos that gives it an extra edge of interest − one of the farthest tombs, situated in a sheer, inaccessible cliff, is said to belong to the mythological hero Bellerophon. This champion was supposedly responsible for the slaying of the Chimera, among other heroic deeds, and both he and his famous winged horse Pegasus are said to rest here.

Tlos is less visited by tourists than many other similar sites, although guided tours are available. This means you can enjoy its haunting beauty undisturbed by large crowds.

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