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Volcanic encounters on mysterious Methana with Greek island sailing holidays

By Jenny Wilson
on  July 01, 2016

The aftermath of regional volcanic activity can be seen on many Greek island sailing holidays; however, few destinations can be as mysterious and magical as the peninsula of Methana in the heart of the Saronic Gulf.

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The name of the island translates as ‘volcano’ and there are over 30 craters in its fascinating landscape. All visitors should take the time to climb to the peak of the highest volcano, which can be found by going to the village of Kameni Hora and heading upwards. The path to the lip of the crater is formed of now-hardened lava that has carved its way through this unique terrain. It will take around 25 minutes to hike to the summit, from where you can see amazing views of the astonishing volcanic landscape.

Methana is also famed for its springs and was one of the original spa towns. The Baths of Pausanias are among the most famous and it is said that bathing in the waters here can relieve all manner of ailments, from muscular aches to skin conditions. In the early 20th century a therapeutic centre was also built in Methana town; in addition, there are numerous hot springs that flow together to create the lake of Vromolimnos, with its reputed healing properties making this another must-visit for the Methana traveller.

The varied geological activity on this peninsula has created a wild yet appealing backdrop for the towns and villages. Saunter among the pretty waterfront or relax on one of the volcanic beaches as you marvel at the natural wonder of this part of the world.

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