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Why is a Sailing Holiday the Best Way to Get Away?

By Jenny Wilson
on  October 13, 2014

Sailing holidays are a wonderful way to spend your getaway. But why should you choose to spend time on a boat when visiting a destination you could easily explore from the land? There are a number of reasons to choose a sailing holiday over a hotel.

Travel in Style
Naturally, a sailing holiday will not focus on one single destination but will tour around. To take an equivalent holiday on land, you would have to travel between hotels, probably using public transport or you would need to hire a car, packing up your stuff each time you move on. With sailing holidays, you get a comfortable and stylish place to stay that also doubles as your mode of transport. When you travel, your accommodation goes with you and there is no need to pack up again.

Many popular destinations for sailing holidays are beautifully scenic. Sometimes the scenery of the land is best enjoyed from the outside, stepping back onto the water to look at the whole picture. Of course, you can still go ashore to explore or to enjoy the nightlife and other attractions of the destination. But being surrounded by glistening sea, both when you’re stopped and while in transit, also enhances the beauty of your surroundings.

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