Hidden Gems

Why Sailing Croatia Makes for a Great Holiday

By Jenny Wilson
on  October 31, 2014

Of the many destinations you might choose for sailing Croatia is certainly amongst the best. There are so many reasons why Croatia is now becoming a popular sailing destination.

Visit the Islands
There are a number of islands off the coast of mainland Croatia. Each of these has its own unique charm and individual character. Naturally, the best way to travel between the various islands is by boat, so a sailing holiday on a luxurious yacht provides a comfortable and practical way to get around. There are few better ways to experience the diverse Croatian islands, and they are certainly worth experiencing.

Enjoy its Fascinating Coast
Mainland Croatia and the islands all benefit from the same characteristic and fascinating type of coast. The Croatian coastline is characterised by a mixture of beautiful natural scenery, charming little villages, and secret hidden bays which are ideal for secluded relaxation. Sailing allows you to travel along exploring this coast, while also “standing back” on the water for a better view.

Sail its Beautiful Sea
The Croatian coastline borders onto the Adriatic Sea. The waters of the Adriatic sea are clean, clear and benefit from a subtropical Mediterranean climate that provides consistent warmth through most of the year. The waters are calm, scenic and ideal for swimming, making them the perfect setting for a sailing holiday.

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