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Why Yacht Rentals are the Best Way to Experience Turkey

By Jenny Wilson
on  January 09, 2015

There are many wonderful things to enjoy in the exotic Eurasian country of Turkey. Standing astride the border between two continents, it has a huge, diverse variety of charms, sights and experiences to offer. Yacht cruises are definitely among the best ways to experience all that Turkey has to offer, for a number of fantastic reasons.

Enjoy the Ocean
The coast is undoubtedly one of the best things that Turkey has to offer. Incredible beaches and a warm, sunny sea make for an experience that seems not so very far from paradise. While a hotel by the sea can be wonderful, a yacht on top of the sea is even better. Sailing is a fascinating experience, and a refreshing swim is literally seconds away from your bed. You can head ashore and relax on the beach, stay on deck to admire the sea around you and the scenic sight of the coast, or plunge right in to feel the warm waters caress your skin.

Travel in Style
To really experience a country, it is better not to visit just a single town or city but to see a variety of different places. The problem with this is that it often can’t be done in a single visit without cramming yourself into a crowded, stuffy coach or some other form of vehicle. On top of this, every time you leave one destination for another, you have to cram all your stuff back into your suitcase for the journey. Yacht rentals are a great way around this problem, allowing you to move from one place to another far more easily, comfortably and enjoyably.

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