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Why Your Next Sailing Holiday Should Be In Turkey

By Louise Burton
on  June 25, 2019

Guests hanging out on catamaran

Warm sunshine, balmy evenings and crystal clear waters; a sailing holiday in Turkey is a dream – and we truly believe it’s the best way to see Turkey. With its rich history, stunning turquoise coastline and warm summer weather, the country is the perfect place for a summer sailing holiday getaway.

We all know that Turkey has had some bad press over the last few years, but problematic areas are isolated and tourism in the country is still booming. In fact, Turkey remains the fifth most popular European country to travel to with 37.6 million visitors recorded in 2017. But don’t let that put you off – while the majority of tourists travel to resorts in coastal areas for their all-inclusive package deals, you won’t find as many people hopping onto a sailing holiday in the country and visiting those small fishing villages. Why? Because it’s Turkey sailing holidays are the country’s best-kept secret.

Discovering the history, devouring delicious food and diving into your next dose of vitamin sea all come as standard as you set off from the marina on day one and out into the coastal waters. In this post, we’ll let you in on seven little secrets about Turkey sailing holidays which we know you’ll love.

#1 Turkish Food

We truly believe that all of the best travel moments are surrounded by – or involve – the local cuisine. And Turkey is one of those countries that will fill your mouth with the joy of flavour. A rich melting pot of Eastern European and Middle Eastern flavours, the Ottoman cuisine will have you tasting kebabs, flat breads with dips, Turkish tea and coffee, world-famous Turkish delight and so much more! If exploring via your tastebuds is a must-do for you, you’ll love the options on offer in the country.      

Guests enjoying Turkish meal

#2 Get Off The Beaten Track

While you’ll primarily see Turkey from a perspective like no other – from the ocean looking back to shore – you’ll also have opportunity aplenty to find your sea legs on land too. We’ll take you off the beaten track by boat to our favourite little anchor-spots, but you’ll be shown little local gems on land too like Kalkan, a thriving fishing town where you can explore long stretches of beach around the locality.

#3 Turquoise Coastline For Days

If you love every shade of turquoise, Turkey certainly won’t disappoint. Calming, photogenic and alluring; there’s just nothing we can fault about the view of turquoise water and the coastline beyond. And if saltwater is your kind of therapy, you’ll reap all the mental health benefits of getting in the ocean, letting anxiety and worries of everyday life melt away and practice being present.

Ladies swimming in turquoise waters

#4 Discover Marine Life

The likeliness of gliding beside dolphins and turtles as you sail is high when you embark on a Turkey sailing holiday. If you’d relish the chance to see playful dolphins cruise beside your catamaran or turtles float nearby while you snorkel in Karacaören – a secluded bay which is jam-packed full of wildlife – you’re sure to be frothing with excitement in Turkey’s oceanic wonderland.

#5 Explore Hidden Bays

Did you know that hundreds of beaches and marinas in Turkey have been awarded the ‘Blue Flag’, the European award for the cleanest water? Which makes Turkey’s turquoise waters even more inviting than they already look. Snorkel, SUP or swim; however you want to explore, there’s options for getting around and taking in your daily dose of vitamin sea.

Man diving into sea at sunset

#6 Get Your Adventure Rush

Relaxing with a good book, gliding on a SUP and kicking back with all the Turkish food you can handle are all great ways to relax to the max on your sailing holiday, but infusing your holiday with the buzz of adventure is a must for some. And we hear you! Take in the dramatic landscape and shades of turquoise from above on a paragliding adventure in Olu Deniz or head out on a tubing adventure down the river in Saklikent Gorge, Kalaka for some leisurely thrills. Or why not try both?

#7 Step Back In Time

Travelling back to ancient times isn’t a difficult feat in Turkey, so if dabbling in history while on holiday is a major box tick, you’ll be pretty content on a Turkey sailing holiday! Not only will we take you to the Skopia Limani bays, where we’ve handpicked the best spots for you to leap off the catamaran and explore underwater ruins, but you’ll also have the opportunity to discover the world-famous UNESCO sites on land Letoon and Xanthos.

Underwater ruins

If you’re not compelled to grab your favourite bathers and go sail Turkey then are you even human?! If that’s just fired up all of your ticked boxes, go peruse the Yacht Getaways Sail Turkey itinerary and check the next available dates.

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