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Wonder at astonishing Kaunos with yacht rentals in Turkey

By Jenny Wilson
on  December 11, 2016

Many visitors enjoy yacht rentals in Turkey to explore the many fascinating archaeological sites along the coastline. One of the most astounding of all can be found at Kaunos, once part of the Carian region and later adopted by the Lycians, which is situated near modern-day Dalyan.

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This was originally a port; however, as the geography changed over the last few millennia, it is now located around eight miles inland. The most well-known attractions here are the rock-cut tombs so prevalent in Lycian civilisation, although interestingly these were designed to emulate the style of ancient Greek temples. The best views can be found from across the river, ideally by boat. These wall tombs, which encompass just a small portion of the necropoli, are just a fraction of the archaeological wonders that can be found here.

There are various temples, a Byzantine basilica with some fabulous mosaics, and some impressive Roman baths; in addition, you can still see some of the ancient fortifications and part of a large amphitheatre. The site has been populated by many different civilisations over the centuries and each has left behind a rich legacy. Remains found here include traces of buildings dating back to around the 4th century BC, while fragments of a recovered amphora are believed to date back at far as the 9th century BC.

If you are cruising along the Turquoise Coast, it is well worth making a trip inland to see this most fascinating of ancient sites.

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