10 Moments To Remember Forever You’ll Experience In The Italian Islands

By Yacht Getaways Team published on 25 June 2018

Here are a few unforgettable experiences that await ahead of your Italian sailing getaway.

Reasons to sail in Italy - Visit amazing locations by boat

Soaking in the Spectacular Lunar Landscape of Vulcano

Famous for its smoking fumaroles and skin-softening mud baths, the majesty of Vulcano’s volcanic lunar landscape is simply unforgettable.

Sampling Salina’s Signature Sweet Wine within its Lush, Verdant Landscape

Salina’s twin peaks are covered in a lush blanket of wildflower meadows, fruit trees, olive groves, and world-renowned vineyards famed for their production of sweet Malvasia wine.

The Soft Rumbling Beneath your Feet as you Hike Stromboli’s Active Volcano

Standing on top of an active volcano always presents new ways of appreciating our uniquely beautiful planet. The gentle rumbling and spectacular lava bursts are a humbling reminder of the strength and beauty of Mother Nature.

Tasting Signature Aeolian Flavours on your Sailing Getaway

Cuisine that ingeniously merges Italian and North African flavours, and utilises ultra-fresh and locally sourced ingredients translates into a series of unforgettable dishes set to make your island getaway extra special.

Experiencing the Luxurious Ambience of Panarea

Panarea is primed to impress and from beautiful boutiques to the stunning promenade, it doesn’t disappoint.

Lounging on Soft Volcanic Sandy Beaches

Soak in the sunshine from super-soft black volcanic stretches of coastline with some of the most beautiful and tranquil outlooks you will likely ever encounter.

Snorkelling in Crystal Clear Bays and Secluded Coves

From the Lisca Bianca’s bubbling sea springs to Isola Filicudi’s untouched sea grottos, the Aeolian’s sparkling turquoise waters are irresistible and extraordinary.

Feeling the Wind in your Hair as you Tour Lipari via Scooter

Taking to two wheels is one of the best ways to explore Lipari, which is peppered with charming villages and provides stunning views of the surrounding island’s smouldering peaks.

Treading the Panoramic Walking Paths on Isola Filicudi

This now-extinct volcano was one of the first to emerge from the ocean and presents visitors with a series of stunning walking paths, which lead to a selection of the most stunning vistas in the entire archipelago.

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