24 Hours In Mljet

By Yacht Getaways Team published on 9 August 2017

The island of Mljet has lured travellers to its shores for thousands of years with its natural beauty, serene atmosphere and intriguing trails. Seductive and picturesque, Mljet provides its visitors with endless opportunities and here are just a few things you can look forward to on your Croatian yacht getaway.

Sailing holidays in Croatia - See national parks and perfect coastlines

Walking in the National Park

More than two thirds of this beautiful island is covered in verdant forest land containing varieties of rare and endangered plants, and the fresh scent of pine in the air ensures its status as a haven away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. There are several beautiful walks you can take through the forest, which provide incredible views of the island’s landscape and out across the ocean beyond.

Explore St Mary’s Church and the Benedictine Monastery

In the middle of Veliko Jezero lake lies the small islet of Sv. Marija, which is home to a beautiful 12th century monastery. Over the centuries these buildings have been used in a variety of ways, all of which you can discover during your trip. Either hop on a small boat or make your way across the lake by kayak – explore, and spend a few moments soaking in the stunning views from this uniquely atmospheric location.

Delicious Dining

Locals cheerfully supply the island’s eateries with fresh seafood and as a result, it’s impossible to go wrong with any grilled fish or lobster dishes. If you want to try some traditional local specialities, look out for makaruli, delicious handmade macaroni served with fried garlic and goats cheese and pandišpanj, which is a perfectly light and fluffy sponge cake, dusted with powdered sugar.

Visit Odysseus’ Cave on Your Yacht Getaway

Legend has it that Odysseus found himself so enchanted and enamoured with Mljet that he stayed for seven years and, well, it’s all in Homer’s Odyssey, which is an ideal read to devour during your time here. Mljet’s coastline is as beautiful as its national park and is a haven for divers, paddle boarders, windsurfers and anyone who loves spending time by the ocean.

Visit Mljet on a yacht holiday - Take a trip to coastal caves
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