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24 Hours In Šolta

By Jenny Wilson
on  August 22, 2017

Nine nautical miles from Split lies the picturesque island of Šolta, with its tranquil pebble beaches, family-run businesses producing olive oil, honey and wine, and incredible landscapes. This stop on your yacht getaway will sweep you off your feet, and here are just a few reasons why.

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Sit Back and Relax

With many tranquil bays and coves, spending a few hours relaxing beside some of the world’s clearest waters is a delightful way to spend some of your time in this Mediterranean oasis. After soaking in some beautiful Croatian sunshine, make your way into the water for a refreshing swim, or even try your hand at fishing to see if you can catch something delicious for lunch!


Walk through olive groves and charming villages, bike through pine woods and along coastal trails to panoramic views of the beautiful terrain, take to the waters and paddle through paradise by sea kayak, and explore the landscape beneath the waves, snorkelling or diving the coral reefs, underwater caves, and sunken ships around the island.

Soak in the Island’s Rich Culture

The earliest records of Šolta were made by a Greek geographer in the 4th century BC, and the island’s name originates from the Greek word for ‘unripe fig’. Exploring Šolta will reveal many interesting historical locations, including ancient Roman settlements, a basilica whose remains are situated beside the Church of St. Stephen, and 15th century fortified towers, constructed during one of the largest battles between the Ottomans and the Republic of Venice.

Enjoy the Flavours of Šolta on Your Yacht Getaway

It will be love at first taste when you enjoy your first glass of Dobričić wine, and with every meal accompanied by at least a small drizzle of locally made olive oil which enhances the rich, vibrant flavours of Mediterranean cuisine, it’s quite likely you’ll never want to leave this island paradise. Enjoy freshly grilled fish and crisp, perfectly dressed salad as the waves softly lap at the shoreline, before tucking into a delicious dessert which makes the most of the soft, smooth flavours of Šolta’s honey.

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