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4 Picture Perfect Views To Enjoy In Panarea

By Jenny Wilson
on  October 02, 2018

Panarea is widely lauded as one of the most beautiful of Italy’s Aeolian Islands and is incredibly popular amongst the world’s yachting elite. Alongside an array of luxury boutiques to wander and spectacular restaurants to experience, here are a small handful of the most beautiful views that we recommend you take the time to soak in and truly enjoy during your time in Panarea on your Italian yacht getaway.

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The Multi-Coloured Rocky Shoreline of the Lisca Bianca

Located just 3km east of Panarea, the Lisca Bianca is a small islet that is home to bubbling sea springs and countless hidden coves. The island’s geology gives it its signature white hue, which contrasts beautifully with the bright blue skies and softly shimmering turquoise waters. A true island paradise in every respect.

Enjoy the Secluded Tranquillity of Cala Junco

This tucked-away cove is the epitome of desert island serenity. A series of steps lead down to the cove’s rocky beach and provide perfect views out over the aquamarine water. Blue hues appear more intense here because of the surrounding red-toned rocks making this a location that often looks almost too beautiful to be real. Also, catching a sunrise or sunset here is a simply unforgettable experience.

Wander Panarea’s Luxurious Boutique-Lined Promenade on your Yacht Getaway

Peppered with tempting restaurants and luxurious boutiques, time spent strolling along Panarea’s long promenade is always very well spent indeed. Exploring during the day and taking in spectacular sweeping views over the ocean is a joy, but the promenade really comes alive in the evening as people flock to enjoy a leisurely evening meal with loved ones underneath warm orange-pink skies.

The Prehistoric Village of Punta Milazzese

Dating back to the Bronze Age, the remains of this prehistoric village are positioned on a plateau which overlooks the sea and offers spectacular sweeping views in every direction. Step back in time and view what remains of a quadrangular hut and 23 oval huts before enjoying a pleasant afternoon swim or sitting back on the shore to enjoy the panorama.

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