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4 Reasons To Venture Off The Beaten Path And Hire A Vespa In Italy

By Yacht Getaways Team
on  June 20, 2018

Taking to two wheels on mainland Italy can be a bit of a hair-raising experience, especially in some of the larger cities with lots of traffic. The charming and quieter roads of some of the Italian islands, however, are extraordinarily well-suited to Vespa exploration.

Here are just a small handful of reasons why we recommend venturing off the beaten path and feeling the warm breeze on your face as you admire some of Italy’s most spectacular natural landscapes during your yacht getaway.

Mixing things up on a sailing getaway - Hire a Vespa for the true expereince of Italian life

Vespa’s Are a Lot of Fun

Experienced scooter riders and beginners alike will find a lot of joy in taking to these two-wheeled iconic Italian delights. Agile and surprisingly speedy, whether you’re embarking on a brief adventure or a slightly longer excursion, Vespa riding is something that simply never gets old.

You’ll Feel So Free

There’s something extraordinarily liberating about hopping on a Vespa knowing that you can follow the Italian islands’ winding roads and charming country lanes anywhere your heart desires. Visiting out-of-the-way locations doesn’t have to remain a distant dream, which will ensure your Italian getaway is everything you hoped it will be and so much more.

Admire a Series of Stunning Vistas on your Yacht Getaway

There are views for days in the Italian islands and scooter exploration will ensure that you’ll get to see so much more of the region’s beautiful natural landscapes during your getaway than you otherwise might. From rolling hills and rocky coastlines to wildflower meadows, olive groves and award-winning vineyards, Italy is a true treat for all the senses and we’re keen for you to experience this in its entirety.

Discover a New Way to Relax and Unwind

If you’re a little unsure about whether Vespa riding is for you, trust us when we say it won’t be long before you feel at one with your new two-wheeled best friend. Many Vespa riders find their island explorations gloriously relaxing, and with beautifully idyllic locations and incredible scenery within touching distance, you’ll feel similarly very quickly.

Italian sailing getaway adventures - Hire a Vespa

Strap in and hop on, it’s time to start exploring by Vespa on your Yacht Getaways Italy trip!

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