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5 Authentic Croatian Meals To Try On Your Next Sailing Holiday

By Jenny Wilson
on  March 29, 2017

Travelling and tasting new foods go hand in hand, right? Croatian food is extraordinarily varied and never fails to get big flavours out of even the simplest combination of ingredients.

Sailing in sunny Croatia - Trying out delicious dishes

Sizzling Skampi Na Buzaru

Well, you can’t go on a sailing holiday without sampling some of the freshest seafood on the planet, can you? Scampi is marinated in an olive oil, white wine, parsley and garlic sauce before being quickly cooked in a sizzling hot pan and topped with crisp breadcrumbs. Traditionally eaten with your hands, roll up your sleeves and get stuck in!

Perfect Peka

‘Ispod peke’ means ‘under the bell’ and is a dish that you absolutely must try at some point on your sailing getaway. Seafood or meat and vegetables are slowly baked with spices under a lid shaped like a bell until juicy and tender. Peka is the perfect dish to order on a chilly evening because it’s the true definition of warming and comforting.

Sample Some Štrukli on Your Sailing Getaway

We’re sure we’re not alone in thinking that the simplest recipes can produce the best dishes. This baked cream and cheese pastry has been described as an iconic dish by the Croatian Ministry of Culture, and we can confirm it lives up to such high expectations. Modern versions of the dish may come with truffles or blueberries, and are just as delicious as the original recipe.

Gorgeous Gregada

Hailing from the island of Hvar, gregada is a fish stew made from potatoes, fresh white fish, garlic, white wine, and locally made olive oil. The ingredients are slowly cooked over several hours, which really showcases the incredible flavours of the extraordinarily fresh ingredients.

Fabulous Fritula

If you find yourself craving a sweet treat it’s impossible to go wrong with some fritula bought from a local street stall. These round dough balls are flavoured with lemon zest, raisins, and rum before being deep fried and sprinkled with sugar or drizzled with melted chocolate. They’re an especially good accompaniment to a stroll down Split’s promenade.

Croatian cuisine - Find fabulous local foods to enjoy

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