Beautiful view in Santorini

6 Reasons Why Santorini Is One Of Greece’s Most Romantic Islands

By Alicia Sharp published on 10 December 2019

Whether you’re looking for the perfect honeymoon destination or are pursuing a romantic retreat with your lover, you can’t look past the country where the god of love was born; Greece.

Simply mentioning a holiday in Greece probably conjures up imagery of the most romantic kind. White-washed architecture, pink flower alleyways, and breathtaking cliff-faces that meet bright blue seas. This romantic atmosphere that you’re envisioning can probably even more specifically be noted as the beautiful island of Santorini. I mean, romance and Santorini are pretty much synonyms!

There isn’t anywhere else on earth quite like Santorini, and here are just a few reasons why you will adore its romantic ambiance on a Greek island sailing getaway.

Postcard-Worthy Views

The towns on the western side of Santorini all face the caldera and boast unbelievable panoramic views. The classic white and blue Cycladic architecture contrasts with the dark volcanic rocks and the calm deep blue of the Aegean sea. Many will say that the views alone make a trip to Santorini more than worth your while. It feels like walking into a postcard that has come to life!

From walking hand in hand down colourful cobblestoned streets to exploring unique boutiques and uncovering delicious local eateries, Santorini is the ideal destination for making some truly unforgettable memories.

Views of Santorini

Picturesque Stretches of Shoreline

Beaches in Santorini cover a considerable amount of the island’s coastline and each is spectacular for their own reason. From volcanic stretches of soft blackened sand and calm secluded coves to rocky shorelines and white sandy beaches filled with loungers and beach umbrellas — however, you like to spend your time oceanside there is a stretch of Santorini’s coastline made especially for you.

Dine in Style

This one goes without saying, but Greek food is delicious and Santorini will definitely not disappoint you in this department. Sitting down to dine in Santorini is always an utterly delightful affair. Expect to discover a plethora of beautifully curated restaurants, with those along the coastline always making a feature of their stunning vantage points over the ocean. With menus full of ultra-fresh seafood dishes and delectable desserts, you’ll truly enjoy tucking into an array of local, flavourful produce throughout your romantic getaway.

Experience a Santorini Sunset

Santorini is world-famous for its breathtaking sunsets. After a late afternoon stroll through the alleyways of Santorini, what could be better than finding yourself on the cliff-face of Santorini as you watch one of the most spectacular sunsets you will have the privilege of experiencing? Oia is a famed sunset viewing spot where you can watch the sunset over a cascade of whitewashed buildings, dotted with windmills and blue dome churches. Perch in this famed sunset viewing spot waiting for a show so spectacular that those around you will clap at the end of!

Santorini Sunset

The Sincerity of Local Residents

Prepare for you and your loved one to meet some of the most hospitable people you will probably ever meet in this world. Always more than happy to share a recommendation or point you in the right direction, residents of Santorini are friendly and wholeheartedly sincere, which makes for a wonderfully warm and hospitable atmosphere. They offer a warmth and kindness that makes you feel like you’re at home from the first time you visit.⁣
They call it Xenia. This is the Ancient Greek concept of showing courtesy and generosity towards those who are far away from home. And it is one of the many unforgettable experiences that will have you dreaming about Santorini long after you’re gone.

Explore Centuries-Old History

Set off on a journey through time and experience the sheer medieval beauty of wonderfully preserved history in Santorini. Ancient cities benefit from the very distinct atmosphere created when contemplating how many people have walked before you down narrow lanes and taken in the same views over the ocean across the centuries. Santorini has a breathtaking selection of incredibly well-preserved ancient architecture, including the ancient Thera and the city of Akrotiri.

Ready to experience the fairy-tale romance of Santorini with your significant other? What better way to experience the beautiful Cyclades islands in Greece than on a 7-day Greek sailing holiday ending with an unforgettable romantic retreat to Santorini?

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