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7 Facts About The Cyclades Islands

By Yacht Getaways Team
on  June 25, 2017

One of the groups of islands that make up the Aegean archipelago, the Cyclades have rich histories, breath-taking landscapes and a beautiful climate ready to be enjoyed on your sailing getaway.

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Remote and Unspoilt

Although approximately 220 islands make up the Cyclades, many are tiny and completely uninhabited. The inhabited islands range in size, with plenty of buzzing towns to explore alongside some more remote locations where you’ll have the opportunity to treat yourself to some well-deserved rest and relaxation.

Appearances in Greek Mythology

Legend has it that Zeus grew up in a cave on Naxos and his son, Dionysus, would eventually grow to become the island’s protector. The surrounding Aegean Sea is where a thousand Greek ships sailed upon on their journey to rescue Helen from Troy.

Speaking of the Sea; It’s Stunning

Even if you arrive expecting the clearest, sparkling turquoise waters you could ever possibly dream of, you won’t be disappointed because the waters really do live up to every possible expectation.

“Taking the Bull by its Horns”

This common phrase has its origins in the myth of Hercules, when he saved the island of Crete from a raging bull by, quite literally, taking it by its horns!

Uncover Rich Histories on your Sailing Getaway

Neolithic copper daggers and other precious gold items suggest the early inhabitants of Naxos’s Zas Cave were high status individuals within communities made up of voyagers from Asia Minor, the areas around present day Turkey.

Beautiful All Year Round

We adore the long, warm and dry days of summer, but these islands are simply stunning any time of year. May and June deliver lush greenery and beautiful blooms stretching across the islands, with winter sometimes even bringing a dusting of snow to the volcanic landscape.

Famous for their World Class Local Produce

Producing some of the finest feta, wine, olive oil and fruit in the world, the Cyclades are the place to be for every foodie. Menus are full of authentic dishes made from ultra-fresh ingredients, with recipes that have been passed down for generations.

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